Welcome to Mauritius

From the moment you arrive in Mauritius you are aware just how stunning a place it is, even the airport seemed to help frame the mountains in the south west of the island.

Mauritius historically relied on sugar exports to Europe but it's economy has now diversified into other things like textiles and more focus on tourism. The sugar plantations are still apparent throughout the island though.

This is my local beach for my stay, I intentionally picked a spot that had long beaches and enough coral to keep me interested snorkelling. Looking forward to my first swim, today I was too tired to do much other than sleep!

One of the nice things I noticed here is that there is still a small fishing community; it is time to figure out where those fish are going and discover some local seafood!

After sleeping for much of the day I had to go and find some live music to finish off the day.

Very glad to be here for the next few weeks!

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