Mauritius Day 3: Kite Surfing Refresher

Today I had my first kite surfing lesson here in Mauritius, the goal was to review everything I know and get a bit of confidence and practice before the next step (technically covered three steps, basic kite control, body dragging and one handed 'superman' body drag up wind).

Before I went out I decided to try and learn a new song, one that I have always loved but hadn't thought to learn it: Is This Love: Bob Marley which the band played on Saturday night. It is relatively simple but not totally sure that that the Saxophone is the best instrument to play it on...

On my way I was 'lucky' enough to experience one of the many cultural differences here in Mauritius: a couple of, like guys, like, putting up a new power line. Yup, you do see cars parked right beside the cable hanging over the road. Cars are basically Farraday cages so what ever!

You might be able to see that the team attaching the new cable were just hoisting it up between two poles over the road. While I am sure it wasn't live, I was surprised that the locals were driving under the new cable while it was still being hoisted up!

On the up side, major electrical works here require a fraction of the time an engineering team would take in the UK. Did you hear how long Kings Road in London was out due to a single cable burning out?

Arriving at the beach there was a decent amount of wind, what makes for good sun bathing weather usually doesn't make for good wind sports so those clouds were more than welcome!

The instructor I had today was only working with me as it is off season, that is him jumping on a north 12M kite.

After my lesson I decided to take it easy and headed to the west coast of island where I noticed a different crowd of kite surfers. These guys all used the surf board style board and for a reason. The waves you can see in the distance were a few metres tall breaking on the reef. There were also a good number of windsurfers out enjoying what looked like big waves even for a surfer!

Tomorrow more kite surfing, hopefully this time getting up on the board, after that I think I may need a chiropractor to sort my back out!

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