A sad sad day indeed! Bye Bye BMX

Unfortunately I am going to have to sell my BMX. Since I moved I have found it harder to find somewhere like the awesome dirt jump track in Hackney.
To add insult to injury people have been messing with it as it is parked outside at the moment. Given that and the current economic client it's time to grab the cash and run for the hills as I don't have me' bike any more :-(United KL40 Expert 21" BMX

If you are interested in an Adult BMX then this could be the thing for you United KL40 on eBay

If you know anyone that might be interested please do forward a link on to them.

P.S. I still have a number of model bikes. It seems that they are all that is within my budget these days. My favourite is still the model Daytona 675 that J.H. gave me a while back which was supposed to inspire me to 'make some money' so that I could afford better toys, oh well /