Mauritius Day 4: Adding Surfing to Flying a Kite

Having pretty much gotten over the jet lag (and exhaustion) I woke a little earlier today so that I could go for a swim. I am going to call it a brisk swim because although the air temperature is pleasant, the water in the pool was rather chilly! Apparently cold showers are good for you so 10 lengths in a cold pool should be great right?...

On the up side, there was the view when heading one way:

After my clearly insane idea to follow in the footsteps of currently trendy young entrepreneurs (and a few other people I guess) to do the 'cold' thing it was time to head to the beach (though I may have headed past more than one of the fine beaches on coast which is "330 km long and nearly everywhere you can find the nice sandy beaches"

The forecast wind for today wasn't supposed to be good but it was better than yesterday, on top of that I had a bump in kite size from 7M to 9M. I can hardly describe the varied and colourful ways I found to fly through the air and submarine to the point of flooding my lungs. While yesterday I was feeling like a (if bruised and beaten) hero for my aggressive kite control; today I was feeling quite the opposite as I failed to find the balance between flying and surfing.

After a little over an hour of a combination of flying and drowning I was let off the hook when my co-pupil managed to said half way out to see and our instructor 'Alba' had to go and help him find his way back.

Legs and arms feeling like lead again I headed north to find somewhere to relax and enjoy the rain! Wow did I find a nice spot, The Bay hotel has a really nice veranda where they have a very nice bar and restaurant with very nice staff to boot!

Time for a much needed early night!

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