Mauritius Day 6: Much In Need Of a Break

Over the last few days I have earned a few bruises and some aches to boot so decided that today I would take it easy. I spent most of the day snorkelling on my local beach where I saw far too many types of fish (and one that looked like a coral snake) to mention. The highlights were an anemone of about 20CM diameter, a needle fish at least 50CM long and what ever it was that resembled a snake!

As well as being on holiday I am also here to try and ponder a few things; one of which is some business strategy; I broke out a business model canvas on the beach. Not sure it worked, pictures in the sand are OK but it would need to be a lot bigger for my terrible writing to be legible. On the plus side, the local coconuts are very sweet, much better for you than a double espresso I will bet too...

As I wasn't doing much I took the time to plan things to do while I am here:
  • Canyoning down the tamarind falls (7 waterfalls, largest 40M!).
  • Day sailing trip on an old ship from Mallorca (lots of snorkelling).
  • Speed boat tour around the east coast (including some bays, caves and other such stuff).
  • Hiking up the highest mountain on the island, around 850 metres.
  • My first surfing lesson.
  • Exploring the markets of Port Lois.
  • Hiking the black river park trail.
  • Snorkelling at blue bay.
  • Get my IKO level 1 kite surfing certificate.
Today though I have discovered a very real limit to travelling alone: I have sunburn resembling angels wings on my back because there are a few places I couldn't reach with sun lotion. Full marks to Garnier for their Ambre Solaire 30+ which completely prevented me getting sun burned in the areas I can reach :-/ Perhaps the new generation of solo travellers need a suncream swap to go with the selfie stick...

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