Mauritius Day 2: Discovering Kite Surfing Nirvarna and Testing Snorkelling Kit

I learned from Fuerteventura that kite surfing lessons can be hard to book due to demand so I thought I should probably get myself along to sort out some lessons. I was a bit surprised by what I found...

The lagoon was just as big as the map suggests it is with waist high water across a wide region making it perfect to learn and explained the number of kites in the air...

After booking up a week worth of lessons I took a stroll along a nearby beach which is next door to the aptly named resort 'paradise'...

The opportunity was too good to miss so I tried out my snorkelling kit that I bought in Stockholm. One of the locals had said that it was a bad day to snorkel due to the currents and they weren't kidding! I was working hard just to keep my ground but the kit worked like a dream. Every other time I have been snorkelling I have ended up with a nose full of salt water, this time I was able to focus on the fish, though they were few it was a good work out!

As I was there I decided to take in the sunset sitting on the beach on the west shore of Le Morne peninsular:

Le Morne certainly is imposing and with the light of the setting sun seemed to turn a deep red brown colour, the trees in the foreground throw off the perspective, the hill is around 500 metres high and around 500 metres away! I doubt I will be hiking up there!

Seen from further up the bay the profile of Le Morne is quite startk but suggests there may be a way for a scrambler to approach the eastern side: more investigation is needed!

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