After a Week in Maruitius

After a week in Mauritius I have still only managed to see about half of the island and haven't made a dint in my to-do list. I wanted to share a few photos from the last few days.

This is the view from the bench I often seem to sit on in the evening and ponder life.

 The sunsets here are something else. Many people head to the beach and watch it; the local beach gets particularly busy on a Sunday.

The national forest is one of the Mauritius represents the last relatively untouched habitat.

How good are your eyes? Can you see the little guy?

I'm guessing that these are termite mounds?

When the wind drops the kite surfing spots take on a totally different feeling.

This is my new favourite food: boulle which is a soup with various balls of what I assume are fish and meat. Bottom line is that it tastes great!

There has been quite a lot going on over the last few days; watch this space.

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