Discovering The Beauty of Tuscany in Italy

Italy is without exception my favourite place to visit and my last trip was no exception. There are some really stunning places but my favourite from my last trip was Montepulchano.

The town it's self is small and can easily be walked around in a matter of hours but to really get to know this gem of a spot you have to spend a little more time getting to know your way around.

One definite attraction are the wine cellars of this great old wine growing region.

As well as the beauty of this gorgeous town our accommodation at Residence Fabroni really made the visit special. Ombretta, the manager of the property was probably the most hospitable host you could ask for. The view from the balcony was worth the trip alone.

As well as the Tuscany wine region the trip also included Florence and Verona, the town famous for it's part in Romeo and Juliet. The restaurants definitely seemed to favour eating in couples!

More photos coming soon when I manage to find a USB card reader!