Mauritius: Day 5 - Kite Lesson #3 and Snorkelling

Today the wind was much better than forecast, reaching over 20knots and giving me more than enough power to get myself into trouble on today's lesson. Yesterday I spent the day breathing water and went home feeling like I hadn't progressed. I thought and thought about what I was doing wrong, what my instructor had said and how today I wanted to actually 'surf' the damned board. 

As well as great wind today there was a lot of rain, as there are a lot of Jamaican influences here, I thought that people would have heard of the phrase 'liquid sunshine' but apparently not! You heard it here first...

Feeling great about getting up on the board I drove home early today to snorkel and was treated to the sun coming out and I just had to stop and take a picture of one of the mountains here, I am planning to walk up it at some point. It is the highest point in the island and forms part of the caldera called Piton De La Petite Riviere.

On the beach I decided to snorkel as it is supposed to be one of the best spots on the island I was really happy to see I still had the light. These photos are actually from after my swim at around 6PM. There really is something about this place...

On a somewhat related note; while driving around here I couldn't help compare the island to Fuertaventura which has suffered serious issues with it's climate. The basic problem is deforestation. A challenge for Mauritius too. Here the depletion of the mangrove swamps to make way for holiday resorts has lead to a reduction in coral and an increase in soil erosion into the sea.

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