The three sieves of Socrates - can the tests for gossip also filter fake news?

Famously quoted and cited as a story of Socrates challenging a friend, the 'three sieves' or the 'three filters' were intended as a way to decide whether to believe rumours. These three filters sound simple however it's not always that easy to apply them:

  1. The truth: are you sure what you are about to repeat is true?
  2. Is it good: is the saying positive?
  3. Is it necessary: is sharing this information important?
The concept of the three sieves to halt the spread of rumours seems straight forward. It's hard in modern times to be able to say yes to all three of these questsion when we read something, being selective what is shared is so important.

Fake news travels faster

It seems that even today this lesson is something many could learn from. Studies have shown that fake news travels six times faster from a study of information on twitter.

It seems that this historical tale is as important today as it was over two thousand years ago!

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