Redeploying Rediscover.Work to Save Money Part 2

Migrating to Google App Engine was more straightforward than trying to rebuild my environment and meant I had to change a few things in my setup.

- Unable to update app: Class file is Java 8 but max supported is Java 7: Don't forget Guava, only versions of guava up to 20 are supporting Java 1.7
- The app config version isn't the SDK version, it is like the AWS build version and can't contain '.' periods so version 0 it is.
- Downloading the database is a pain in a server-less environment as AWS only supports binary snapshots. But fear not, a bit of ssh / yum / security group manipulation and the download is done in about 20 minutes.
- Deploy a new SQL instance in the cloud console: Note you need to include the create database or use the advanced options to specify the database to import your SQL to.
- Then hit a brick wall "You can't have any JDBC database with Google App Engine." due to "java.lang.management.ManagementFactory is a restricted class". This is a slight misnomer, it is creating threadpool connection pool resources which is prohibited.
- In steps a non threaded connection pool: http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-7.0-doc/jdbc-pool.html#Plain_Ol'_Java
- Unfortunately Tomcat connection pool was a red herring with "java.lang.RuntimePermission" "modifyThreadGroup"
- Logging to a file doesn't work, (neither does looking at the file system to figure out where you are).
- More security errors: setProperty.networkaddress.cache.ttl
- Moved to Google SQL driver "com.mysql.jdbc.GoogleDriver"
- ERROR: (gcloud.beta.sql.connect) HTTPError 400: Invalid value for: Invalid format: "2017-02-16T20:01:08+00:00" is malformed at "+00:00"

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