Sales University

In a previous post I mentioned the sales training from Rod Sloane which I attended at Google campus. My goal was to brush up on my sales skills to support a few projects I am working on at the moment.

In addition to finding some seminars and networking groups I also built myself a reading list of some of the top rated sales books available on Kindle. For each one I downloaded the sample and bought it if I was convinced it was worth a read. I will update the list as I get through them.

Coffees for closers

A really useful read for those who haven't, like me, had any formal sales training. It gives you a lot of tools and examples to help you think about what you could have done differently in retrospect.

Predictable Revenue

I really like how this book outlines a number of funnel steps and helps you to focus on tracking conversion rates so that you can predict sales volumes. The idea is that if you know the conversion rate of all of the steps in your sales funnel then you can estimate team size required for your sales target. I ended up using the sales funnel stages that are defined in this book to create the opportunity states in my CRM. Great stuff

To Be Read (Not all directly sales)

- The DIY manual of copy writing that really packs a punch
- Delivered: the no nonsense guide to email marketing
- 79 network marketing tips for fast track success
- Sell them the pen
- The little fish guide to marketing
- Bootstrap marketing: 101 tips for marketing on a budget

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