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This Sunday when I tried to write a new post, I found, horror of horrors that my site was down! After being a loyal customer of 1and1 for years, they had disabled my account due to lack of payment (boo)...

As with other services it seems like it is time to consolidate my many accounts and thought I would share some of the migrations that have happened recently for those who care...

DNS Hosting

I have used multiple DNS providers for some time including 1and1, 123-reg, and numerous others. In the last few months there have been some serious issues with a number of the DNS providers out there it seems, either due to accidental or not; there seems to be a throng of DDOS attacks on DNS over the last few months.

Some of the biggest have been against DNSMadeEasy, but to their credit they have had minimal outage caused by these scenarios. I'm hoping that they, having been well tested are a good bet.

Blog Hosting

Managing a wordpress site is simply becoming too much hard work especially with ongoing issues in the stack like the recent PHP issue. Having looked around blogger.com is still up there as one of the easiest solutions that mean I can sleep at night without having to manage any more sites than needed.

Virtual Machine Hosting

Though I have used Rackspace for quite some time for different startup projects like www.sitemorph.net and selling off www.clickdatelove.com newer projects made more sense to be hosted on AWS. The availability of RDS and some of it's advanced features make it really one of the best choices out there. The next best would be a container solution but pricing is often a problem for the 10-100qps traffic for current projects.

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