Schema Org Naming Frustration

Standards are a great thing but some times they lead to having to make some silly compromises. Take the schema.org event. It has a startDate field which is supposed to be a Date [note the lack of Time in the type]. It has the description The start date and time of the event, role or item (in ISO 8601 date format). - are you kidding me? Combine this with the doorTimeattribute on the same thing, Event, which is a.... you guessed it DateTime with the description The time admission will commence..

All of this would be hilarious if it wasn't that this is the 'gold standard' of resource naming. It is a pity that so many naming convention mistakes could be made in such a small space. Note that our new APIs don't have the data type in the name generally - they are called things like 'start' and always use a 'date time'. Let's see how long this convention can survive the onslaught of progressive feature expansion...

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