Blues Saxophone Lessons

I have been listening to more blues than jazz recently and started to hanker to play some on the saxophone. As usual, the first place to start was YouTube. I found these really nice beginner lessons which start you on some scales for 'Chicago' style blues from Derrick Big Walker:

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Scale Score

Although this is the simplest scale, Derrick quickly moves on to runs around A, C, C#, E, F# which are also pretty straightforward. These are the basic scales:

C Major Scale

The point of the lesson is to move quickly from changing the base of the C Major arpeggio.

C Major Arpeggio

The lesson then quickly moves to transposing your C Major arpeggio, starting at D: D, F, A, C, D.

The lesson then goes on to add E, G and B to the scale around 10 minutes into lesson 2.

Hope you find that useful. Note that I am just a beginner and may have misquoted some of the above :-)

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