Why I am giving up my day job to run a technology start up

As some of you know I have been working on a new idea, a website called SiteMorph. Until now I have been doing this while working full time for one of the web’s largest brands.

I have decided to ‘quit my job and chase my dream’ of making SiteMorph a success. I think it is a great idea: help small websites increase sales or conversions by turning their data into actionable insight. From working with colleagues it is clear that in terms of website optimisation and tuning, manual analysis can yield staggering improvements in sales and conversions. The goal of SiteMorph is to offer a low cost self guided alternative to a full service consultant.

The site is officially launching this month (March 2012). We already have our first customer and a list of people wanting to try the site. As well as myself there are a number of other contributors including one of the top Google Analytics consultants in Europe.

Given the timing, my minimal commitments, collaborators and minimum collateral, everything feels right to take the plunge now.

As I start this venture I know that my best work is still ahead.

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