Tying The Knot in London : How to Plan A Wedding

I'm really happy to announce that I am getting married. I have met the most amazing woman and we are tying the knot in January 2017!

It turns out that planning a wedding is really quite tough so I wanted to share a few tips on what we have learned so far!

  • You can buy wedding rings online > (yes those are our rings).
  • But, you need to shop for rings in person, our original ring choices were nothing like what we ended up with.
  • Check your wedding ring size when your hands are hot and cold, you don't want to end up with a ring you bought in February that you can't fit on when it comes to the big day.
  • Everything costs a lot more than you would expect. Make a budget and if you are really good, try to stick to it.
  • Start shopping for your wedding dress the day you get engaged, yes it can take that long.
  • If you can keep your party small then you can go big on the venue and get somewhere really special.
  • Photography can cost a lot more than you think, in London wedding photographers charge around £150 per hour!
  • Don't forget while planning and organising for all of your guests that it is still your day. 
  • Create a checklist of everything you want to get done. Start from high level decisions like:
    • Which country will we get married in.
    • Are we going for a church or registry office.
    • What is the overall budget.
    • How many guests will be invited.
  • Don't eat for 24 hours before your tasting dinner for the reception so you can manage everything on the menu.
  • Find a partner who doesn't want a Hollywood wedding then give her the best day of her life!
Some of the sites that really helped us were:
More tips to come...

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